In vivo high throughput screening in mice

If you are interested in a pain profile for your discovery lead, but are restricted to the use of mice, then you should consider NOCIWay, a unique in vivo screening tool that has been configured for use in this species.

Advantages include low compound requirements, rapid turnaround time, and cost-effectiveness.

NOCIWay simultaneously explores the activity of your compounds in 6 fully validated pain models / tests across 3 different pain areas.

The analgesic fingerprint provided by NOCIWay can be your first in vivo readout, serving as a guide for further development.

The Analgesic profile of your compound with low amount of material

Fast access to 6 assays covering 3 pain areas!

  • Small group size (n=6)
  • Single time point
  • Single dose
  • Single administration
  • Reliance on historical database for vehicle and positive control

Poster #171.10, SFN congress 2023