Drug levels in rodent biological tissues

Linking in vivo pharmacokinetic assessments with efficacy endpoints can give a better understanding of the dynamics of drug action, and ANSbioSamples provides the ideal platform to establish these key relationships.
With ANSbioSamples, dosing and collection of healthy or pathological tissues can be performed using a variety of customizable paradigms combining the desired route of administration with more than 20 biological tissue sources.
Drug exposure information can be used in conjunction with efficacy endpoints as a guide to determine the ideal dosing / timing for subsequent efficacy assessments.
Bioanalysis can be performed via our preferred partner organizations, or samples can be shipped worldwide to your vendor of choice.

Create your bank of biological samples for bioanalysis


Rats and mice

Test articles

A wide variety of test articles can accessed via ANSbioSamples.


Customizable treatment paradigms are available utilizing the desired route of administration.

Time course

Time points for tissue collection are fully customizable to meet your needs.

Biological tissues

More than 20 biological tissue sources are available for collection and bioanalysis.


Tissue samples can be delivered to:
1/ your site
2/ the subcontractor of your choice
3/ our partner


Field of expertise

Interested in pain or completely unrelated to pain, ANSbioSamples is open to all research projects, whatever the therapeutic area.

Small biotech companies / Virtual companies

Don’t have an animal facility?
With ANSbioSamples, you benefit from:
– our vivarium
– our regulatory agreements
– our highly skilled staff

Middle Pharma / Big Pharma

Have an animal facility but you are hampered by a transient peak of activity?
ANSbioSamples can be your outsourced operational support during this period.


  • Facilities
  • Regulatory agreements
  • Highly skilled team
  • Fully customizable design
  • Samples shipped worldwide
  • Attractive price