Bone is a privileged site of metastases for large primary tumors. Indeed the skeleton is the third most common site where cancer cell metastases are diagnosed, after the lung and the liver.  Roughly 70% of patients with an advanced prostate or breast cancer present with bone metastases. Animal models are indispensable to investigate the pathogenesis of bone metastases in vivo and to conduct preclinical pharmacological trials. Most of the animal models of mammary and prostate carcinoma in rats and mice do not readily metastasize to bone which is why most preclinical studies use local administration of cancer cells directly into the tibia or femur.

The model of bone cancer pain consists of MRMT-1 cell inoculation directly into the medullary cavity of the tibia. Fourteen days later, static mechanical allodynia is assessed using the electronic Von Frey test.

  • Bone cancer-induced allodynia 

Tactile allodynia (electronic Von Frey test)