When profiling interesting leads from your Discovery programs, you should consider the ALGOGramTM, a unique in vivo screening tool that provides a rapid and cost-effective means to simultaneously explore activity in 10 fully validated pain models / tests across 5 different pain areas:

– Acute & tonic pain
– Inflammatory pain
– Neuropathic pain
– Post-operative pain
– Visceral pain
– plus a behavioral toxicity assessment using the modified Irwin grid

The simple-to-view plots can provide valuable information regarding the next steps in the development process, whether your R&D programs target pain directly or they simply share features common to established pain mechanisms.

Since ANS Biotech designed this platform, now over 7 years ago, more 270 test articles have been profiled with ALGOGramTM.

In only 3 weeks, ALGOGramTM provides a user-friendly pharmacological compound profile.

This analgesic fingerprint will facilitate your crucial “GO / NO GO” decisions.

Poster # 705. Neuroscience 2015 in Chicago, IL, USA, October 17-21, 2015.