2013-07-31 algogram

The first in vivo High Throughput Screening platform for analgesics


In order to support the early stages of drug discovery for its clients, ANS Biotech established a unique in vivo High Throughput Screening tool (ALGOGramTM) that provides a rapid and cost-effective means to systematically explore pain indications for new chemical entities.

The ALGOGramTM is based on a battery of 11 validated models/tests spanning a broad range of pain areas – acute and tonic pain, neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain, post operative pain, and visceral pain. Results generated in the ALGOGramTM are assembled in a summary table format that provides a ready evaluation of a compound for potential efficacy, both in the context of reference drugs and standard measures of behavioral toxicity. The ALGOGramTM can provide a user-friendly pharmacological compound profile in only 3 weeks, facilitating the crucial GO / NO GO decisions routinely faced by pharmaceutical companies.